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HMA and Stoichy

Double header hurricanes Harvey and Irma bring widespread flooding

Human MicroAssay was formed to detect and analyze the element content of the body through an advanced process that works with human saliva. Our sister organization, Stoichy, uses the same advanced scientific process to analyze the element content of water, and is capable of detecting dangerous levels of inorganic elements such as lead, arsenic or uranium to levels as low as 0.007 µg/l.

The massive flooding in the Southern US caused by these two hurricanes has put drinking and irrigation water supplies at risk of being contaminated by toxins carried by the flood water. We are pleased to team up with Stoichy to offer an affordable, advanced water test that can determine whether water supplies are safe, or contaminated. The Stoichy water test can precisely identify and quantify the contaminants. Find out more

As a result of the extreme hardships and loss of property experienced by many living in the areas hit by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, people and organizations have begun donating Stoichy water tests to help identify problem water sources. To find out if you can obtain one of these donated services, or to become a donor yourself. Read about donations

mother and child

Starting a Family Soon?

Starting a family soon? What you don't know may hurt your unborn child.

health supplements

Do I Need Supplements?

Taking supplements? Is your body really in balance, or are you making it worse?

optimal health

Optimal Health

Are you SURE you are in perfect health? Your health is a delicate balance of the essential elements in your body.

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Wellbeing of Children

Concerned about ADD, ADHD, and Autism? Toxic elements accumulations in the body are a major factor in the severity of symptoms.

First a sincere thanks to the scientists that perform this body chemistry analysis... A number of years ago, I had both hips replaced by very reputable surgeons with metal on metal implants. Since the operation, my health had declined dramatically. I developed hypersensitivity, intestinal bleeding, and dermatitis among other issues. I knew it was related to the implants. The doctors were treating the symptoms and not the cause. I found out about Human MicroAssay through a friend and decided to have the test. I could not believe the results. I had chromium toxicity, elevated levels of titanium, and cobalt. I am working with my physician to correct these issues. Thank you so much for the results that you have provided to me.

Stephen Customer

Human MicroAssay Elemental Assay

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laboratory Human MicroAssay performs advanced, scientific analysis of simple saliva samples to accurately determine levels of elements in the human body. This process is known as elemental assay. Elements are the building blocks of all life, and many of them are essential. Some elements, however are harmful, and even toxic. Their presence in the body can be life threatening. The so-called heavy metals, in particular, are the cause of many serious health problems. An elemental assay can reveal the levels of almost all the elements of the periodic table.