Elements Why be Concerned?

Pollution and environmental contamination are all around us.

It is in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

air pollution

Air Pollution

Pollutants enter the atmosphere from many sources. Some of the most common sources of heavy metals released into the air are from industrial processes. Fossil fuel combustion in coal-fired power plants and industrial boilers are also sources of pollutants that put heavy metals in the air we breathe.

water pollution

Water Contamination

Runoff from factories' industrial waste causes contaminents and harmful elements to enter the water supply. Our transportation system is also a significant source of heavy metals entering the water. Zinc, copper, and lead are three of the most common metals contained in road runoff that eventually get into streams and rivers.

Some elements are beneficial, but become toxic at higher levels.

Insufficient element content will cause medical issues.

For example, when your body does not have enough magnesium, problems such as muscle weakness, spasms, tics, cramps, etc. can occur. Behavioral abnormalities, lethargy, memory issues, anorexia, nausea, and seizures can also occur. Other metals that are similar in atomic structure can displace magnesium in the body. These include beryllium, aluminum, calcium, and various sulfides.

If the Barium level in your body is high, it may displace potassium which is essential for many compounds and enzymes in your body. Excess barium can lead to death, kidney damage, respiratory failure, and neurodegenerative diseases. Barium compounds are used for medical diagnostics and can build up in your body.

What is your body composed of? Element essentials

I grew up in a farming community. I was concerned about my exposure to pesticides. I am married now, and my husband and I want to start a family. I ordered the Elemental Assay saliva test to find out if I have any toxins in me from the pesticides. To my surprise, my report indicated that I had more than normal levels of lead, manganese, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. I brought my report to my physician and she is helping me to remove these toxins from my body. She told me that if I had become pregnant with these levels of toxins it could have seriously affected the health of my baby. I wish I could tell all potential mothers to take the elemental assay test and make sure you will not affect your unborn child.

Carolyn Customer

Human MicroAssay Elemental Assay

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