Child Bearing Reducing Risk to the Newborn

Are you planning a family soon?

Do you know that you pass along elements in your body to your unborn child?

What is in your body?

An element assay can show you whether there are any dangerous accumulations of elements in your system.

You can find out now before you pass on harmful toxins to your unborn child.

Abnormally high concentrations of elements in the body can have a toxic effect not only on your health, but also on the normal development of your child. Toxic accumulations of elements can affect your nervous system, drain you of your energy and dramatically affect cognitive processing and emotional control.

More information: Some elements, especially the heavy metals such as lead and mercury, are harmful at almost any level. Other elements that are actually essential for life, such as copper, which helps regulate metabolism, can cause a variety of health problems when higher accumulations of these elements are present in the body. In particular, copper is associated with ADD, ADHD and other emotional and behavioral disorders in children.

Lead, mercury, lithium, and arsenic affect the development of organs in the unborn fetus. These toxins enter your body through a number of means, and can be passed along to your child.

There is extensive literature that documents the harmful effects of these elements that can lead to birth defects and growth and development issues with the unborn child. We have cited references below for further reading on these topics.

Abnormal levels of elements that can cause toxic conditions can be corrected. An element assay can show you what the element levels are in your body for up to seventy-one of the elements in the periodic table of elements.

If you are considering motherhood, an element assay could possibly help to assure the normal and healthy development of your unborn child.

You owe it to your unborn child to give him or her the best possible environment to develop.

Human MicroAssay Elemental Assay

Is your body baby-ready?

Dear Human MicroAssay, Having grown up in a farming community, I was a little concerned about my exposure to pesticides. Now that I am married and considering starting a family, I ordered the Elemental Assay Saliva Test to make sure I wasn’t carrying any toxins that may affect my pregnancy or child. To my surprise, my report indicated that I had more than normal levels of lead, manganese, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic. I immediately took my report to my physician who is working on removing these toxins from my body. She told me that if I had become pregnant with these levels of toxins it could have severely affected the health of my baby. I wish I could tell all potential mothers to have this saliva test and make sure you will not affect your unborn child.

Susan Customer

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