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The Human MicroAssay Project
Association with New York University

It is the purpose of the Human MicroAssay Project™ to investigate, through scientific research and data, all relationships between the elements in our body and health, disease, geographic location, water sources, environment, and population centers.

Our goal in testing saliva is to contribute to your individual safety and health. Using state-of-the art technology, your Human MicroAssay Elemental Analysis™ tests almost all elements and emphasizes sensitivities significantly higher than any other test available.

The focus of the Human MicroAssay Project™ is to detect potentially dangerous levels of inorganic elements found in one’s body and to statistically map their connection to health effects, disease, population centers, and sources of these elements. Each of us is an elemental accumulation of things we drink, eat, breathe, and come into contact with. Environmental influences and geographical location are just as important.

Consider these examples:

  1. Fish are directly exposed to and affected by the waters they live in, taking in pollutants such as mercury and other heavy metals.
  2. If you grow your own fruits and vegetables, you might want to know how much cadmium from car exhaust ends up in your soil and into your crops via rain or snow.
  3. Even the color of a bottled water container and cap may introduce antimony, cobalt, and other elements into the water you drink.

Because our envrionment places potentially harmful elements in our food and water supplies, and in the air we breathe, the Human MicroAssay Project™ developed the exclusive Elemental Assay™ system by which the distributions and concentrations of elements across the breadth of the periodic table may be determined from samples of human saliva.

From the data collected and statistical analysis, the Human MicroAssay Project will play a vital role in determining the relationships between elements, health, and behavior, which is presently unidentified in research and in the medical community.

The Human MicroAssay Project welcomes you as a valued participant and will keep you updated as you login to your account. All data processed will remain anonymous as well as any data used for research or statistical analysis. Your contribution to our research will certainly help us change the future of mankind. Congratulations, you made the right decision.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more details.

The Human MicroAssay Project is revolutionary in concept and scope, which has every chance of changing our understanding of human health in environmental context. It should be embraced with the same hopes and expectations that we had for the Human Genome Project.

Timothy Bromage Ph.D. New York University

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