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The element assay is a process that can detect and quantify the elements in your body. Elements are the building blocks of life and everything that exists in our world. Not all elements belong in the human body, and some can be quite harmful. Through air, soil, and water contamination, these elements enter our food and water supply, and we take these elements into our bodies where they can cause harm. An element assay can detect and quantify these elements so that proper action can be taken to reduce or eliminate them.

Do you know what elements are in your body? The results could astound you.

Most of us have no idea what is in our bodies. We don't know whether we are at risk from the presence of harmful heavy metals such as lead or mecury, or whether we lack adequate quantities of essential elements. Either way, our health and wellbeing are affected.

Not everything is known about the purpose and acceptable levels of all the approximately sixty elements that are commonly found in the body. As research continues, we hope to achieve a better understanding of the risks or benefits of some of the lesser-known elements.

There is, however, a vast amount of knowledge about elements that are essential for life, and how we acquire them through healthy eating habits and lifestyles. We also know a lot about elements, such as the heavy metals, that are harmful, and even poisonous, when found in the body.

An assay of the elements in your body can detect and accurately measure the level of approximately seventy-one elements of the periodic table. You will know exactly what is in your body.

It's easy! Simply click on any of the Get Started or Order Your Kit links. The process will first ask you to create a login account, or login, if you already have one. You will complete a survey form to provide information about yourself. Finally, you will fill out a payment form where you will order your saliva collection kit.

Your kit will be shipped to you once we receive the payment. The kit contains simple instructions and a container for collecting approximately 10 ml of saliva.

Saliva is a “bio-fluid,” similar to blood and urine, and represents a proxy of your health status. Saliva is important as a diagnostic tool since it is easy to collect, non-invasive, is simple to transport and store, and is readily available. Studies have shown that it is a mirror to the body and is as useful as blood for testing purposes.

You will be provided with a detailed, scientifically accurate report of the level of approximately seventy-one elements from the periodic table found in your saliva.

Your analysis will indicate if any of the elements found in your sample are currently known to be harmful or associated with health risks. These results could be alarming. Please consult with your physician.

The results provide an accurate assay of the elements in your body. You will know if you are above or below known ranges of these elements. You will also see the potential issues with exceeding these ranges. From your personalized report you will have an accurate information which can be shared with your physician who can help you take corrective actions.

The Human MicroAssay Project for saliva mapping of the population will correlate the presence of various elements with disease, other health-related issues, regional health disparities, and establishing a normal concentration.

The Human MicroAssay Project also will to identify those elements which are toxic but currently are unidentified as such. More important - you will know what elements are currently in your body and what actions you need to take.

This long-term study will create an enormous database of information from which future researchers will extract detailed, statistical queries connecting the elements to disease, maladies, and related environmental influence.

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