Element Assay Saliva testing

Saliva Mirrors Body Content

Element Testing is an assay of your body chemistry, using a sample of your saliva, that can detect and quantify the elements in your body. Elements are the building blocks of life and everything that exists in our world. Not all elements belong in the human body, and some can be quite harmful. Saliva is a bodily fluid that is of high importance in determining physiological and pathological situations of the human body. Saliva is a significant contributor in laboratory investigations for infectious disease diagnosis, pharmaceutical and illicit drug monitoring, autoimmune diseases, malignant neoplasms, hormonal analysis, and in forensic medicine.

An important advantage of saliva in diagnosis is that it is easy to collect, non-invasive, has simple and low-cost storage, and is readily available.

Studies have shown that it is a mirror to the body, and is equally as useful as blood for testing.

The Human MicroAssay analysis of your saliva sample will screen for seventy-one of the elements found in the periodic table. You will find no other testing service that provides as comprehensive and wide scope of detection as the Human MicroAssay Element Assay.

The Human MicroAssay test also determines from each saliva sample all the elements of known heavy metal toxicity including mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, copper, iron, lithium, thallium, tin, zinc, aluminum, silver, selenium, and nickel. You will receive a detailed, personalized report that you can take to your physician for a full evaluation of any risks specific to your personal health. You can see a sample elemental assay report here.

Elemental Assay is a time-consuming and complex process. We must limit the number of samples we can accept to 30,000 during the first six months to ensure complete quality control. Following the first-round testing, we will begin a second round for 30,000 additional samples over the next six-month period. We regret that we cannot accept more than 60,000 requests during the initial year, but we feel this is necessary to impose this limitation to achieve our objectives of high accuracy and precision of assay results.

Human MicroAssay Elemental Assay

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