Element Assay How does it work?

The simple process of providing your saliva for the Elemental Assay of your body chemistry is just the beginning of a very complex proprietary analysis developed in conjunction with key researchers at New York University.

As an integral part of your Elemental Assay, you will become part of the worldwide Human MicroAssay Project. The data from this project will measure the concentration of elements found in individuals like you around the world. The US Environmental Protection Agency monitors and regulates only 19 elements. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) set the standards for toxicity. Only 12 elements have established toxicity limits. Testing panels ordered by physicians consist of only 3 to 15 heavy metals. Out of the 15 elements that are labeled toxic, only 12 have actual toxicity limits set.

Your Human MicroAssay Elemental Assay includes test results for seventy-one elements (including heavy metals and essential elements) that can affect your health. See all seventy-one elements

Of course, a number of the primary elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, helium, and nitrogen cannot be tested because they exist in the body in such large quantities that an assay result would have no quantitative relevance.

If you were to request to be tested for the 15 heavy metals offered by most medical laboratories, the cost would be more than $1,250.00. Your Elemental Assay saliva sample is tested for about seventy elements including heavy metals, essential elements, and toxic elements.

Your Elemental Assay results will be an accurate indicator of the concentration of elements in your body. You will receive a report indicating specific element levels found in your body.

You will be able to share this report with your physician, who would be able to determine whether you face any risks to your health based on the specified element measurements the report identifies.

Essential elements are necessary for your health, however, these essential elements should also not be too low or too high. Your overall health can be adversely affected if there are imbalances in these essential elements. Examples of these types of elements are magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, chromium, lithium, fluorine, selenium, and zinc.

Toxic elements can replace essential elements due to their heavier atomic weight. They are extremely harmful because these imposter elements do not perform the same functions as the elements they replace. They prevent or impede many life-sustaining processes carried out in the body. With so many sources of contaminants in the air, soil and water, we should be concerned about the level some of these elements have accumulated to in our bodies. Now, you can find out!


Elemental Assay is a time-consuming and complex process. We must limit the number of samples we can accept to 30,000 during the first six months to ensure complete quality control. Following the first-round testing, we will begin a second round for 30,000 additional samples over the next six-month period. We regret that we cannot accept more than 60,000 requests during the initial year, but we feel this is necessary to impose this limitation to achieve our objectives of high accuracy and precision of assay results.