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Stoichy Water Analysis

The most sensitive water analysis in the world.

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Now for just get the most sensitive water test available

In partnership with our sister organization, Stoichy, Human MicroAssay is pleased to be able to offer the most advanced water test available.

Stoichy developed a model system by which the distributions and concentrations of elements across the breadth of the periodic table may be determined for any water-based sample in seconds. Approximately 71 of the 76 elements normally found in water can be detected. This process can detect dangerous levels of inorganic elements such as lead, arsenic or uranium to levels as low as 0.007 µg/l.

Recent flooding by Hurricane Harvey has caused widespread contamination of water supplies in Texas, Louisiana and other widespread areas in the South. Right on the heels of Harvey, Hurricane Irma visited the Florida West coast causing further damage and flooding.

Flood waters mobilize toxins that have accumulated in the soil over time from rain, industrial runoff, and automobile emmissions. These toxins become distributed into areas where they can contaminate drinking and irrigation water. Boiling water can kill microorganisms and remove organic contaminants, but no amount of boiling will remove or reduce toxic elements from water. Advanced Stoichy water analysis reveals the presence of specific toxic elements which can then lead to informed choices for removing the health risk.

Order your Stoichy water test kit today. You will receive a water collection kit in the mail that contains three vials. You can use these vials to collect water from any other source you choose – drinking water from the tap, river or pond water, irrigation water, or from any other source you can think of. It's your choice. Once you have prepared your water samples, return them in the pre-paid postage shipping container you receive with your kit.

Standard Stoichy water analysis services for drinking water and environmental water are sold separately. Because of the extreme hardships caused by caused by Hurrican Harvey, and the urgent need for reliable water testing in affected areas, we have configured the kits in this offer for you to be able to receive analyses for both drinking and environmental water for one price.

  • Order your kit. It will be shipped to you within 3 - 5 business days.
  • Following the instructions provided in your kit, place about 10 ml tap water in the provided vial.
  • Secure the vial caps tightly, and place them in the return shipping box.
  • Seal the box, and drop it off at any USPS postal facility or mail box.
  • That's it. Easy!

Your test results will be available in within 2 weeks.