Children's Wellbeing

No needles. No blood. Just answers

Have you tried what feels like every fix that has worked for someone else’s child? Are you looking for answers and haven’t found them? As a parent, teacher, or caregiver, you see children deal with issues of hyperactivity, stress, and uncontrollable emotions every day.

There are numerous studies linking ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and hyperactivity to heavy metals.

We know elements are essential to the body, but what levels could be toxic? What levels are too low? What environmental conditions are influencing your child’s levels of these elements? Water, air pollution, everything that your child is eating and drinking, is a factor in their body.

This simple saliva test could be the key.

The elemental assay uses saliva to test up to seventy-one element levels in the human body. It is possible to find and identify the presence of toxic elements that are often the root cause of behavioral, cognitive processing, and emotional problems in children.

Other common children's health problems can also be caused by not enough essential elements in the diet.

Removing exposure to harmful and toxic elements in food or the environment might be the missing piece of the puzzle for your child.

There is no minimum age for the test. The procedure is safe and non-invasive. All that is needed is approximately 10 ml of saliva.

You are your child's fiercest advocate and protector. The power of decision is with you to do whatever it takes for the wellbeing of your child.

Human MicroAssay Elemental Assay

What price would you pay for the happiness and wellbeing of your child?

Our daughter is autistic and anemic. We had a friend at NYU who suggested having this test from Human MicroAssay may help to reveal some underlying causes of our daughter’s condition. Thank you for the quick turn-around on the test results. They showed that she was above the normal range on lead, tin, and thallium. Our physician studied the report and did research on his own regarding the results and the condition of our daughter. Within two weeks we had our daughter on a regimen to remove these toxins. Our physician is in favor in this form of testing. We have no idea how her body absorbed these metals. That is the next step in our quest. Can you perform this analysis on the water in our older home?